Reuse your LoopTas and win €100 of groceries!

Each month we give away a collection of sustainable groceries.

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How it works:

1. Download the LoopTas app

2. Tap your phone on the bag to add it in the app

3. Scan your bag at the scanner in the store

4. Upload the receipt in the app

Terms & Conditions

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  • Save stamps for every €5,- u spend.
  • With every full stampcard, u receive a unique code.
  • With this code you participate. At the end of every month a winner will be chosen who will receive a bag full of sustainable groceries worth €100,-!
  • Collecting is possible from Tuesday 20th of December till Friday 31th of March.
  • Within the promotion, products on which promotions are not permitted by law, are excepted from this deal.
  • Plus Lammenschans and LoopTas reserve the right to reject loyalty cards and unique codes that appear fraudulent or unlawful, without the participant having any claim against Plus Lammenschans and LoopTas.
  • By participation in this promotion u agree with the before mentioned Terms & Conditions.

Veelgestelde vragen

1. How can I win €100,- free groceries?
Follow the steps you see in ‘How It Works’. Once your loyalty card is full, you can redeem it for a unique code in the app. With this code, you enter the monthly draw, and have a chance to win the grocery package.

2. Can I get multiple unique codes to enter the monthly draw?
Ofcourse! There is no limit on the amount of unique codes you can receive

3. How will the user be chosen at the end of the month?
At the end of every month we will chose a random unique code to elect the winner with. We only pick from the unique codes that were used that same month.

4. Can I exchange my price for money or other groceries?
No, the price can not be exchanged.

5. How many stamps do I receive for reusing the bag?
Every time you reuse the bag, you have the chance to upload your receipt. For every €5,- you spend, you receive a stamp.

6. Can I choose which groceries I receive after winning the prize?
No, however all the products you receive are local, fair-trade and bio, ánd able to be bought at Plus.

7. Where can I see who has won at the end of the month?
The winner will be personally contacted by one of the team-members of LoopTas. It is also possible to find more information on the ‘Updates’-page in the LoopTas app.

8. Why has my receipt been rejected?
Your receipt can be rejected because of the following reasons: the receipt has already been scanned before, or the receipt is not clearly visible. If you are sure you are submitting a non previously scanned receipt and the receipt is clearly visible, get in contact with LoopTas. Our contact form is located at

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