Return Initiative for
Sustainable Shopping Bags

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Rewards for reusing LoopTas.

LoopTas is more than just a bag. LoopTas is more than just a bag. LoopTas is more than just a bag.

Prevents ocean plastics

Supports below poverty coastal communities

Zero waste

Circular Economy

Plant free trees


After the ban on free single-use plastic bags, reusable bags have become the new standard, these contain up to five times as much plastics as traditional single-use bags.


On average every European uses 175 plastic bags each year

1 Truck

One truck load of plastic enters the ocean every minute

90 %

90% of Takeaway & apparels shopping bags are only used once


By 2050, there will be more plastics than fish in our oceans


We have used a huge amount of additional plastics (masks, protective kites and so on) to safeguard ourselves from the pandemic

How It Works


From either partner shops or online. Pay a small deposit


Every time you go shopping, take the LoopTas. Also, tap your mobile on the bag to check all the information about the bag.


When you have more bags than you need or if a bag has aged out, you can return it and get your deposit back.

Our Impact

LoopTas achieves concrete sustainable results through keeping the product in the cycle which means more reuses leads to more sustainability, with least carbon footprint. With LoopTas you make impact, in three ways

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Accelerating the transition towards a circular economy and encouraging circular lifestyle with an emphasis on Reduce Reuse Recycle fundamentals.


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